Not Asking for Socialism – Just Controlled Capitalism


Because we are asking for change, it is automatically assumed by RNC/GOP and their New Confederates (NC), along with their POTUS “It” that we are asking for “socialism”. THAT COULDN’T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH, which of course, is POTUS “Its” trademark.  We are simply asking that the Nation get back to its roots and fundamental basis and foundation which the country’s FORFATHERS established, authored and “constituted” as the Constitution of these United States of America. The core principles of the Constitution are rather simple and straightforward, and are highlighted repeatedly in this web site and all the affiliated web sites of the parent organization, CPU (, including,,, and, and are summarized as follows:

  1. WE ARE A GOVERNMENT (also state & local) OF, BY AND FOR THE PEOPLE.

Implied in the latter, is that BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS (civil rights = equal rights) BE PROTECTED FOR ALL THE PEOPLE, AND THAT BASIC HUMAN NEEDS BE MET, including providing the human population habitable areas to live, shelter, clean & safe water and air, food, security (police protection, etc.), healthcare, etc.

THINGS ARE WAY OUT OF WHACK RIGHT NOW! For the most part, what we have now is a GOVERNMENT THAT IS OF, BY AND FOR THE CORPORATIONS AND THE WEALTHY (the “one percenters”), and WE HAVE ROTATING LOBBYISTS, GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS, AND CORPORATE LEADERS (that is why it is “of, by and for the corporations” – they are ALL HOLDING HANDS AND PLAYING MUSICAL CHAIRS, and when the music stops, THE PUBLIC IS NOT GETTING A CHAIR!). All this sounds cynical, BUT IT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE, AND THE CURRENT STATE OF AFFAIRS. POLITICS IS MONEY-DRIVEN IN THE BILLIONS, AND MONEY WALKS, TALKS AND RUNS RIGHT OVER THE PEOPLE IN GETTING THEIR WAY. These rotating corporate positions that were referred to, INCLUDES ALL BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT: EXECUTIVE (like POTUS “It”, governors, EPA Administrators, etc.), LEGISLATIVE (congressman, senators) AND THE JUDICIARY (Attorney Generals, judges, etc.). And the corporations get what they want, because in 2010 the U.S. SUPREME COURT OF UNITED STATES (SCOTUS) GRANTED THEM “PERSONHOOD”. Yes, in 2010, in a decision called Citizens United v Federal Election, SCOTUS said that essentially CORPORATIONS ARE PERSONS OR PEOPLE, so when we say a GOVERNMENT OF, BY AND FOR THE CORPORATIONS, it really is true because SCOTUS, the highest court in the country says it is so. And this CITIZENS UNITED decision also says that these CORPORATIONS (= PERSONS) and individuals are allowed UNLIMITED POLITICAL SPENDING TO SUPPORT OR DENOUNCE INDIVIDUALS IN AN ELECTION because it is a form of “protected speech” under the First Amendment. So the latter is achieved through “dark money” contributions (contributors that do not have to be disclosed) to Political Action Committees (PACs) that can spend unlimited amounts of money in denouncing or supporting individuals running in primary or general elections as long as it is done independently of a political party or candidate. In 2015, five years after the Citizens United decision, it was reported that a billion dollars had been spent by Super PACs, and of that billion, 60 percent of that money came from 195 multi-millionaires/billionaires and their spouses. These 195 individuals and their spouses are what you could call “KINGMAKERS” in our so-called DEMOCRACY. So when you say that the CORPORATIONS AND THE WEALTHY (the “one percenters”, or in this case, less than 0.1%) HAVE CONTROL OF OUR DEMOCRACY, IT IS ABSOLUTELY TRUE!

So if you care about restoring our democracy here in the U.S., you should want to see that “Citizens United” SCOTUS decision reversed. But guess what? The chances of that ever happening is multi-decades away from now ever since conservative Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by POTUS “It” and confirmed by the GOPers in the U.S. Senate, after they previously wrongfully denied even talking to President Obama’s legitimate and rightful nomination of Merrick Garland to serve on SCOTUS.  And now SCOTUS is in a real powerful conservative position to consider the possible reversal of Roe v Wade that was a SCOTUS decision in 1973 that said it was unconstitutional for states to have laws that criminalize or restrict access to abortions. And of course POTUS “It” all of sudden became very evangelical during the primary and general election, whereby “It” pronounced “Its” support for overturning Roe v Wade, and of course the parish priests, etc. were preaching to their congregation how sinful (cannot receive “communion”, etc.) it would be not to support a political candidate that was anti-abortion/”Pro-life”, and mortally sinful to support a candidate that was the opposite, or “Pro-choice”. Of course, POTUS “It” and the RNC/GOP knew full well that the latter preaching would result in a lot of “single issue” voters turning out at the general election who would vote for Frankenstein or even Lucifer itself if one of these monsters was Pro-life/anti-abortion, and that is about how it ended up when POTUS “It” got elected through the help of the Russian Meddlers (RNC = Russian Nefarious Collusion) working with “It” and “Its” campaign team as they BOOKED AND FACED THE EAST TO WEST DC JOURNEY TO WIN!

AND NOW (except for some independents) ALL THE NEWS NETWORKS ARE OWNED BY THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY, AND THE NEWS AND ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRIES FEED ON EACH OTHER (brilliantly working the rise, and hopefully the fall, of POTUS “It”); PLUS THEY ARE SO CLOSELY BONDED TO THE CORPORATIONS (automotive, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, defense/military/industrial complex, insurance, financial, etc.) BECAUSE THEY ARE THEIR BIG ADVERTISING CUSTOMERS AND SOURCE OF INCOME, so consequently, they tread lightly when one of these big customers is out there violating major laws and PEOPLE’S RIGHTS, such as giving Leaky CRIMe (Chemically Real Intensive Manufacturing establishments) Plants a pass because it would disrupt the OEM Supply Chain…

So, NO, WE ARE NOT ADVOCATING FOR SOCIALISM, AND WE ARE FOR THE ENTREPRANEURAL SPIRIT AND “CONTROLLED CAPITALISM” (by the government – the corporations are not going to do it on their own), and there needs to be some semblance of income equality, certainly at least to the extent that PEOPLE can earn a livable wage, and the lower two-thirds of the income earners, should not be responsible for financing the capital and operating expenses of our public infrastructure system and the one percenters need to pay their fair share of this public burden. AND PEOPLE NEED TO HAVE AFORDABLE HEALTHCARE AND RETIREMENT/OLD AGE SECURITY, and the GOPers should not be allowed to take this away from us, and the GOPers should not be allowed to privatize public infrastructure systems, and where they have, it should be reversed; and they shouldn’t be allowed to exploit and occupy and strip away public mineral rights and other rights inherent in public lands and public natural resources that should remain in the public domain, and be reversed where they have been given away completely or granted to corporations for mere pittance due to the rotating LOBBYISTS-CORPORATE OFFICIALS-GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS GRAVY TRAIN.

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