Dahh Beginning of Dahh End! (democracy out, GOP Autocracy in)

By Giacomo B. Fischiatore, aka James P. LaMancusa

Dahh Trump GOP MAGA group are moving quickly to pave the way for complete takeover of US political system to bring US soon to dahh beginning of GOP Autocratic Rule starting in Jan 2025 after Trump is elected 2nd time in Nov 2024.

In their efforts to assure that GOP minority (35-40%) of US voters maintain control over the majority (55-65%) of US voters, they have perfected the voting district gerrymandering process to completely control state legislatures with super majorities in purple states (Dems = 55-65% of total voters), while at same time gaining enough gerrymandered seats in the US Districts to guarantee that they will for certain take control of the US House in 2023 by orchestrating wins in Nov 2022 election. 

Already, and especially after the latter, the GOP controlled state legislatures unConstitutionally are perfecting the electoral college system in their states, which allows these states to have their state “electors” vote in favor of GOP candidates for US President & VP in ’24/’25, regardless if the majority of voters in their state voted Democrat in the Nov 2024 election as mandated by their state legislature, governor or secretary of state.

Because of the aforementioned devilish, crafty and unConstitutional tactics of the GOP going unchecked by the cowardly US DOJ/AG and US President Biden (e.g., by Emergency Executive Order), our US democratic republic is being torn away from US by GOP plainly right before our eyes! And all the Dem Party and their leaders can do and say, is “citizens Vote Like Hell like your lives depends on it”. Well the latter, no matter how great, may not be enough, and even if it is, the GOP will dispute the results, and they have 67% to 33% control of the US Supreme Court, so any court cases regarding elections and other matters will surely be decided in their favor.

As always, the GREEDY & Power Hungry GOP and Big Corps & the ultra-wealthy are melding together for their self aggrandizement at the expense & detriment (rights, protections etc) of women, minorities, LGBTQ, the young, innocent, defenseless, impoverished, starving, shelterless, thirsty & mentally/physically ill; while at the same these greedy individuals & corporate officials line up for space travel and are staking their claims in advance on diminishing livable space on our planet.

The aforementioned Evil, Greedy & Power hungry GOP individuals and giant corporations, who have hoodwinked the gullible MAGAs, don’t care one iota about what’s best for humanity as a whole or our planet Earth; and they DO NOT ADVOCATE for GOOD/UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES such as working:

(1) CGU: For the betterment of Common Good in a United manner;

(2) PEWHASOP: To Protect Environment, Wellbeing & Health And Safety Of People;

(3) PACATO: In unison with Principled American Citizens & Allies from near & afar, who Together are Orchestrating in beneficial manner for benefit of humanity & our planet.

Instead, they pass unConstitutional anti-voting rights laws in their GOP controlled states along with enacting voting subversion tactics, as our cowardly US President Biden (not Abe-like) and US DOJ Attorney General Merrick Garland (still banking on SCOTUS judgeship) sit idly (and safely) by, praying and hoping for the best for their historical personal US legacies, instead of concentrating bravely on saving our democratic republic from the GOP MAGA villains. How far do the GOP states have to go before Biden will take decisive and effective action? The Confederates of the past did not like the Union (so called “northern aggressors”) telling them they couldn’t own African slaves anymore, and perhaps the modern day GOP Confederates will want some other kind of modern day slave other than Africans? If they do that in 2022 or 2023, will that be permissible in Biden’s and Austin’s eyes? After all, these GOP controlled states believe they should be able to do whatever their GOP legislatures pass regardless of whether it complies with the US Constitution. Let’s face, with the GOP we’re moving BACK in TIME. For example women, if you’re thinking of dating one of these GOP guys, realize these CAVEMEN will soon be carrying clubs once again to get their way with you, and after they IMPREGNATE you, you’ll be forced to carry their DEVIL CHILD to term.

So, has BIDEN forgotten his Constitutional duties? He is after all, the US Commander in Chief of US Armed Forces. Both the US President (& VP Harris) and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin have a Constitutional duty to protect & defend our Constitution, and if they don’t, they are considered US Insurrectionists! And state GOP public officials passing and enacting unConstitutional anti-voting rights laws and election subversion tactics are CLEARLY USA Insurrectionists! States (& local governments) must first and foremost fully abide to the US Constitution (not optional). What’s going on and allowed to continue IS SIMPLY WRONG, UNCONSTITUTIONAL & ILLEGAL, and NEEDS TO BE STOPPED! It is not a time for Biden to be cautiously trying to preserve his 40-year politician legacy, it should be more about President Biden acting now by issuing an Executive Order to save our democratic republic!


That which is RIGHTEOUS & GOOD, simply being defeated by that which is WRONG & EVIL!


Previous article submitted to, and ignored by, WaPo:


Giacomo B Fischiatore

[Aka, James P. LaMancusa, President/Co-Founder]

Vice President/Co-Founder

CommonGoodUnited .org/Inc (est. Nov 2019, FL)

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