CRIMe plants cause decades- and century-long REAL insidious and steady contamination of natural water resources, such as freshwater, private and public groundwater (wells) and surface water (lakes) drinking water supply sources, including Lake Michigan and the Great Lakes system as a whole.  Thus another reason for calling them CRIME plants, is simply because what they have been, and are still doing at many locations under many laws REALLY constitutes multiple violations of local, state and federal laws as covered by local ordinances and state and federal statutes, of which there are many that deal with these type of crimes. What these leaky CRIME PLANTS are, and have been doing, is causing REAL negative impacts, not only to the environment, but also to the general welfare (property devaluations, etc.) and the health & safety of the public locally (e.g., Grand Rapids Metro*) and in the State (e.g., MI) and Region (e.g., Midwest/Great Lakes) – the latter highlighted here as the “POSTER” community, state and region where the CRIMe plant issue is prevalent. The criminals/perpetrators associated with the violations occurring at these leaky CRIMe plants are the OWNERS/OPERATORS of these plants, including those in their employ or contracted with this plants related to this misdeeds (esp. the licensed professionals who have sworn to the PUBLIC OATH – engineers, attorneys, etc.), and the elected and appointed public officials who have sworn to this same PUBLIC OATH of “protecting the general welfare and health & safety of the PUBLIC” as they are turning a blind eye and deaf ear to it all.

Citizens just have to accept these cold hard facts, and stop waiting around for the local, state and federal public officials and their agencies or the big powerful plaintiff attorneys to come to your rescue, because this JUST AIN’T GOING TO HAPPEN!! The plaintiff attorneys aren’t coming soon to take your case on a contingency basis (only paid if they win) because the potential damages that might be awarded in court just don’t add up to enough to satisfy their wallets because you live in a neighborhood that is served by pubic water so you haven’t been drinking enough of the CRIMe plant’s nasty chemicals over the years, or been poisoned enough by some other means like excessive air toxics through the air (air permit violations) or from contaminated groundwater oozing into your basement or into the soils, ditches, creeks, etc. where your children play. And then proving that you or your loved ones have been afflicted with the onset of cancer some ten years later is always hard to predict and prove. And since you live in a low to medium income neighborhood, any devaluation in your property values will only amount to a day’s worth of pocket change for the rich/fancy plaintiff attorney who doesn’t work cheap.

SO YOUR ONLY HOPE IS THIS: YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS get together, and get involved with “REAP” (youREAPwhatyousow.org) and PACATO.org (Principled American Citizens and Allies Together to Orchestrate) and get out there and sample and test around these CRIMe plants and bring that incriminating evidence,  (while at the same time publicizing the issue) that I am sure you will find (fingerprint chemicals associated with plant), to the public elected and appointed officials/agencies, and tell them you want to see that the violating CRIMe plant be held accountable and that the plant ceases polluting the environment and the public and that they initiate corrective action immediately, including environmental remediation and upgrading their plant with appropriate environmental safeguards, and to cease operations until they do so. And if duly elected and appointed public officials and their agencies respond as they have so many times in the past with a deaf ear and a blind eye and they don’t pursue enforcement (e.g., Year 2000, MI AG and Governor and his DEQ: see attachments in youREAPwhatyousow.org) then you have no other choice, other than going the next step higher to the state and federal court system and file legal action against these public officials for CLEAR, UNDENIABLE AND ILLEGAL “BREACH OF PUBLIC DUTY”. You simply have to recognize that you and “we as a whole”, have so much stacked against us; i.e., we have a political system that funds, caters and works to elect these public officials that is flush with high paying, and highly networked lobbyists, who are typically former public elected or appointed officials, who work 24/7 for the wealthy CRIMe plant owners and their manufacturing/trade associations, and OEMs, etc. – original equipment manufacturers – GM, Ford, etc.).  So until we can truly get good public representation (i.e., “a government of, by and for the people” – perhaps with a few less hundred thousand connected self-serving attorneys and multi-millionaires/billionaires interwoven into these positions), all we can do is “take these matters into our own hands” in a law abiding manner according to our legal rights as `just described.

*Home of Secretary DeVos, the Amagram, Amdroids (multi-level pyramid marketing), self-righteous CRC and POTUS “Its” Midwest Headquarters (POTUS “It” has been there repeatedly, and was there on election night 2016, when “It” won/stole the election, and is due there again any day following “Its” sidekick AG’s Barr’s announcement after a quick review of Mueller report that “It” was exonerated on Russian collusion  but not on obstruction of justice, although “It” said “It” was exonerated on both (LIE), which certainly Special Prosecutor Mueller fully intended that Congress would look into further).              

*Also home of many CRIMe plants that have been there polluting the area and the public for going on a century, including chromium electroplaters, leather tanneries, paper/pulp mills (Muskegon) and a heavy concentration of other metal and surface finishers, including a whole assortment of electroplating plants plating various heavy metals, such as copper, nickel, zinc, etc. Great place to walk through a field of white lilies on your way with the flock to your favorite Christian church; but not so great if you’re among the dandelions and don’t follow the ways of the flock and congregate among the non CRC, non Christians, agnostics or atheists. 

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