Dear Compatriots, from Founder, Giacomo

Dear Compatriots,

I am writing you on several matters:

First, making you aware of* (CGU) and its divisions:

  1. (REAP, Reality Environmental Action Proponents);
  2. (Principled American Citizens and Allies Together to Orchestrate);
  3.* (Protect Environment and general Welfare and Health And Safety Of Public);
  4. *(People’s Party), a PIE (Public Informational/Educational) organization;
  5.* (identifies UGLY/MEAN activities/programs contrary to CGU principles).

*New websites just launched in last couple of days.  NOTE: See 4th note below on POTUS stress relief.

Second, making a plea to those in the readership who have an interest in volunteering for CGU in some fashion in alignment with your interests and skills (e.g., IT, assisting administration matters, filling orders, responding to readership, etc.). I am hopeful that you will believe in the principles and causes advocated by these organizations enough to want to assist in some manner for the Common Good.

Third, making a plea to those in the readership who would be willing, able and capable of serving on the board of directors of the newly forming nonprofit (501c3) organization, CommonGoodUnited Inc.

And Fourth, as many of us Americans become further and further disenchanted, fearful and generally appalled and disgusted with our current POTUS administration, please do yourself a favor and read into the suggestions on the websites above (esp. latter four just launched) on how we can peacefully counteract these strong upsetting internal feelings affecting us by interacting with our fellow “like minded” compatriots to help sooth our anxieties and worst fears, and somehow expel some of this negative energy that is permeating our air waves. Attempt to achieve the latter to some degree, by praying, meditating , playing/listening to music, dancing (see PUPPET DANCE), singing,, chanting (SEE EXAMPLES), raising our hands to the heavens and looking into the sky, and doing so, if you so wish, by holding your fellow compatriot’s hands, and/or that of a spouse/significant other, family member, friend, co-worker/colleague, or with a fellow member of your temple/mosque/church/synagogue/club, etc, or simply with a stranger who you just met. Regarding the latter, people need comfort in their despair, so please be receptive to others, keeping in mind that some people are alone in their thoughts.

There may not be a need to say this, but just the same, I will: What is being done here (on these websites, via our emails, etc., and the activities that hopefully will ensue), is not for the benefit of one person or one thing, or one group or group of things, but rather it is for the WHOLE BANANA! – Meaning, the COMMON GOOD OF ALL OF HUMANITY AND THE ENTIRE PLANET! It is not a narrow view, but rather is a VERY BROAD VIEW! I, you, and we, do not intend, nor do we want to reap financial gain or Reality TV celebrity attention (e.g., like POTUS) from this undertaking, but rather we simply want SUCCESS! WE JUST WANT HUMANITY with OUR PLANET TO SURVIVE and to have a reasonable level of happiness, and we cherish the thought of just living in harmony with one another and our surroundings/environment. The largest share of the U.S. and human population simply just have basic hopes and dreams of just having their basic human rights and needs (food, water, shelter, etc.) fulfilled each day for themselves and their loved ones, and perhaps to have some time to equally enjoy the simple pleasures of life as it passes by, like observing and feeling the beauty of the many natural features (lakes, mountains, etc.) of our planet and universe (the stars, galaxies, etc.). Thoughts of the latter make us realize how very brief our time is here on Earth, but regardless, IT IS OUR TIME, and we (united) must use it well to further the COMMON GOOD OF HUMANITY AND THE PLANET.

As you will see, the websites show mockup photos of the “Puppet Dance” T-shirts and Caps that will be available for purchase in approximately 5 to 6 weeks. PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED AS AN INDIVIDUAL IN BUYING CAPS OR TSHIRTS. AND IF YOU REPRESENT AND ORGANIZATION AND WANT TO MAKE A BULK WHOLESALE ORDER, ALSO LET ME KNOW AND GIVE ME AN IDEA OF THE QUANTITY AND I WILL COORDINATE ORDER BETWEEN YOUR ORG REP AND THE MANUFACTURER SUPPLIER.  COST OF THE T-SHIRTS (100% Cotton) and CAPS WILL BE $18.00 AND $15.00, RESPECTIVELY, THAT INCLUDES USPS FIRST CLASS PARCEL DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN CONTIGUOUS USA (FOR ALASKA AND HAWAII, ADD $8.00 EXTRA FOR SHIPPING. SHIRTS AND CAPS COME IN EITHER BLUE OR WHITE, AND THERE WILL BE WOMENS STYLE SHIRTS (S, M, L) AND MENS STYLE SHIRTS (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL); AND BLUE OR WHITE CAPS, SMALLER SIZE ADJUSTABLE (56cm) AND LARGER SIZE ADJUSTABLE (58cm). REGARDING THE BULK ORDERS, allowable changes you can make to the graphics are as follows: (a) For T-shirts, may be able to replace either the front panel or back panel  entirely, but only one or the other, with your own graphics; or you may be able to replace one of the two logos [but not both] given on each of the front and back panels of the T-Shirt with your own logo, understanding that there is a remaining single CGU logo along with the main center piece graphic designs [puppet hands & horse drawn wagon] on each of the front and back panels; and (b) For the Caps, you may be able to insert one of your logos and/or web site domain names at a maximum of two out of the four logo/domain name locations, which include choices of three spots on the back panel, and one spot on the brim panel [domain name only].

These garments help illustrate our cause and help to give further exposure to CGU’s and its divisions’ websites. Please don’t think that these caps and shirts are the whole purpose of these organizations forming, because that alone, sure wouldn’t be worth all the effort expended to get us this far. At best, we hope to break even financially on shirts and caps. The good thing about them Is that they can help all of us express the many feelings that we likely all have about the current situation with the POTUS “It”. If you don’t want a T-shirt or cap that tells a graphic story about “It” in some fashion, as the main ones surely do, caps and shirts with simply just the logos of CGU and its various divisions are also available. As always, we at CGU ask that you freely and frequently give us your comments and suggestions. This is a fledgling organization in its infancy, and it is hopeful that it will flourish and accomplish a lot towards its mission of getting more people educated and informed on public policy issues that affect their lives and surroundings. We at CGU will always work at encouraging the public to participate in the governance of society in some fashion (such as voting, or sampling and testing around a CRIMe plant), so collectively (such as through groups formed through PACATO) we can have a positive influence and beneficial  impact towards the common good and betterment of humanity and the planet.  Hopefully, through this process, some individuals will rise to the surface with enthusiasm and want to do more towards governance, such as running for public office. We are not a political party by any means, but if through our advocacy actions at CGU, one of our supporters took that big step to run for public office, we would be delighted and gratified to see a fellow citizen commit themselves at that level and hopefully that individual would be instilled with the principles espoused by CGU and its divisions. And of course, keep in mind, that you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire/billionaire or attorney to do that; in fact, we would be better off if you weren’t because there’s already too many attorney and corporate wealthy type politicians – we would rather you could be just a common everyday Jane or John Doe, such as an architect, engineer, CPA accountant, physician, physician assistant, dentist, dental hygienist,  nurse, surveyor, geologist, meteorologist, industrial hygienist, scientist, educator, construction manager, etc.

CHANTING AND DOING THE PUPPET DANCE PEACEFULLY: We don’t intend to confront or arm ourselves against the republican New Confederates (NC), but instead will peacefully wear Russian Nefarious Collusion (RNC) T-shirts and Caps and hold signs and chant and do the “Puppet Dance”, which is all perfectly innocent and harmless (see more about the dance and chant examples in the “Introduction to Puppet Dance” on and the other affiliated CGU web sites). The U.S. Military and the various police departments have an obligation to protect us against the NC if they act in an aggressive manner with guns, torches, clubs, motor vehicles, etc. The NC generally opposes civil rights and are proving themselves to be the enemy of the Union and its Constitution and all it represents. Justifiably and deservedly for many reasons, we sincerely dislike and do not trust or respect POTUS “It”. POTUS “It” is trying to provoke and stoke a fight as “It” always does with “Its” Bully talk (e.g., stoking fights between citizens and press, etc.), like saying that the military, police and “bikers for POTUS ‘It’” are going to get tough with us, but we aren’t taking the bait. Besides, there are a lot of nice bikers out there who will probably be wearing Puppet Dance T-shirts and Caps, and it is hard to imagine the civil protection minded police and military getting tough with a bunch of peace loving people chanting and doing the Puppet Dance. We all need to act bravely like those of the past (mostly black, some white) who stood tall and held their signs and peacefully marched in protests across the nation during the civil rights movement of the 60s and 70s. They were right back then demanding equality and by doing so made some significant progress, and we (a much broader group) are right today in demanding greater progress on civil rights (equality of all persuasions), income inequality and accountability of POTUS “It” and “Its” family, cabinet, staff and associates for illegal activities that occurred during the POTUS primary, election and are continuing during POTUS “Its” term of office right up to the present day.Thank you for being an active member of the human race and a participant in society and a contributor towards our joint “Common Good” effort of bettering human existence and our planet Earth.

Giacomo B Fischiatore

Founder, CGU